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Aghazadeh Series Part 25(Download And Watch Online)

Aghazadeh Series Part 25 , we saw Bahrami, Bahri’s family lawyer, go to prison to talk to Dr.

Bahri and tell him that his trial was delayed due to a wave among the people. The doctor says that it doesn’t matter what they say, Do the card well and tell her what happened that night between her and Sara and says that Sara told her that all the evidence against her and Nima was not in her own hands and left the rest to someone else. Hope he lied…

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After taking Nima’s documents and file, Hamed goes to the interrogator to take the court time from him, but the interrogator tells him that he will most likely be forced to resign because of his wife in his case, which makes Hamed angry.
Hamed goes to a person named Alireza and tells him about the interrogator’s words that they have decided to remove Hamed from the case, which puts Alireza in front of him and says that he must confess to someone other than his wife. If you prefer to watch this series, watch Serial Aghazadeh part 25 here.
Bahrami goes to Nima and meets her in prison, where Nima Bahri tells her to focus on her father’s case and to listen only to Shahram after he is released.

About Aghazadeh series part 25

One of the policemen tells Hamed that Alex has come to Iran and Hamed tells him to follow him all the time and keep an eye on him.
Hamed goes to meet Razia in prison and informs her of Sara Fazli’s murder and asks her to talk about Alex. Razia says that she can not tell him anything about Alex.

Download and watch online Aghazadeh series part 25 here

The cleric of Haj Reza Mosque goes to his house and asks him to go to the mosque and cover the words and hadiths that Haj Reza tells him and some of the words and hadiths are true that I will not come and I intend to stand behind my bride because It was my own fault that I had not paid any attention to his past before
Dr. Bahri’s public trial will be held, in which the lawyer of Sara Fazeli’s parents will demand retribution and severe punishment.
Shahram is released and goes to Tina and tells her that she must take someone somewhere on a certain day and time and insists that she must follow him with the gasoline that Nima had bought for her.

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