The tech giants of the world after the end of the pandemic

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Changes in the way employees work in companies after the outbreak of the Corona virus will lead to more flexibility in the post-corona world, but different companies take different approaches to how their employees work.

While some companies have promised that their employees’ telecommuting will continue even after the end of the Corona virus epidemic, others have taken a hybrid approach in which employees spend part of their time in the office and department. Another will be telecommuted.

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In a report, CNN examines the activities of employees of some large companies in the post-Corona era:


Google employees will not return to work until September, and when they do, they may not be open from Monday to Friday. The tech giant is testing a flexible work week, with employees coming to work at least three days a week for co-working days. The company also makes changes to its office space to include dedicated collaboration spaces and outdoor space for team meetings.

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Reddit Company

The San Francisco-based social media company announced in October that it would allow most of its employees to work anywhere in the office, at home, or a combination of both. The company has stated that if its employees decide to move to another area, their salaries will not be reduced.


Microsoft announced in October that working from home for part-time work would be the standard for most corporate jobs at the company and would provide a flexible work schedule. The company said in a blog post that our goal in the future is to show as much flexibility as possible in supporting employees’ work style while balancing work needs and ensuring that the company’s culture is preserved.


In early 2020, Twitter announced that it would allow some Twitter employees who wish to work from home on a regular basis.


Dropbox announced in October that it would be the first virtual company. This means that almost all of the company’s 3,000 employees will often work remotely, going to work for more teamwork and teamwork. To facilitate such a change, the company is making changes to its offices, including the removal of personal desks.

Kevin Bass

The digital currency exchange company Kevin Base has announced that it welcomes the telecommuting of its employees in the first place. Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of the company, told employees in early May that most employees who prefer to work remotely can work this way, as well as employees who still want to stay in the workplace. Be. He said that for many employees, the form of activity will be a combination of both, but for our employees to be telecommuting in the first place, it requires a change in thinking and behavior.


Unilver tests full-time employees four days a week in New Zealand. This test will run from December 2020 to December 2021. The company said it was examining whether the test could mean far-reaching changes for the workforce.

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REI Retail Company

REI announced earlier this year that it was leaning toward telecommuting and later sold its new headquarters in Bell View, Washington. Instead of having a large headquarters, the company plans to have multiple satellite locations across the region to provide more flexibility for its employees to live and work.

Nation Wide Insurance Company

Nation Wide Insurance announced in April that it would follow the hybrid business model on a permanent basis, with employees working in the company’s 40 main offices and working in other areas of the home.

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