Rahman 1400

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Synopsis and subject of Rahman 1400 movie
Film actors and actors
Mehran Modiri / Sara Bayat / Mohammad Reza Golzar / Yekta Nasser / Saeed Agakhani / Bahram Afshari and …

Director: Manouchehr Hadi / Writers: Babak Kaidan, Meysam Kaidan / First Assistant Director and Planner: Naghmeh Nazari / Producer: Ali Sartipi / Moderator: Javad Norouzebeigi / Makeup Designer: Omid Golzadeh

Synopsis and subject of Rahman 1400 movie
This film has a very good sense of humor and its actors such as Saeed Agakhani, Sara Bayat and Yekta Nasser have expressed their humor to a high degree, which has made this film more attractive. Rahman (played by Saeed Agakhani) is an almost middle-aged man who has worked as a juicer in the company for many years. In the meantime, his doctor tells him that he has nothing left of his life due to illness, and that is why Rahman plots to kill himself by the son of the head of Ashkan Company (played by Reza Golzar) in order for his family to benefit after his death. In this way, he can receive a ransom after his death and his family can benefit and …


New news from Rahman 1400
The film, which was originally scheduled to be released under the name Moss, was renamed after pre-production and filming by agents. The filming of the film began in August 1997, and its filming and editing was completed in late autumn. The film was edited by Movahed Shadro, and the film was screened at the Fajr 97 Film Festival, which was held in November.

Rahman 1400 movie reached a staggering 20 billion Tomans in just one month of release, which was a masterpiece in the sale of Iranian cinemas. But for unknown reasons, after 1 month of release, the film was banned and collected from the country’s cinemas.

Release date of Rahman movie 1400

About the film with margins and reports
Although Rahman 1400 had a very short release time, but in the same period, it set many records and set a record of daily sales of 1 billion and 350 on April 4, 1998 as the best daily sales of Iranian films.

After the national screening of Rahman 1400 and almost a month had passed, it became clear that the version that is being screened was without omissions and the full version of this film, and that is why it was collected from the screens! And now, with only 1 month of release, it is the fourth best-selling Iranian film! If the screening process continued, it would have given the film agents an unimaginable sale.

It was around October 1998 that the uncensored and illegal version of the film suddenly appeared on the film sites and … which was collected very soon with the vigilance of the film agents, but it did not return well …