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Rozegari Dar Chokora


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 1 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253803/1_1280.m3u8″]





Rozegari Dar Chokora part 2 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253804/1_1280.m3u8″]




Rozegari Dar Chokora part 3 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253805/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 4 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۴


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253806/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 5 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۵


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253807/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 6 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۶


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253808/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 7 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۷


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253809/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 8 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۸


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253810/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 9 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۹


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253811/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 10 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۰


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1253812/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 11 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۱


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254318/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 12 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۲


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254319/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 13 | ۱سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254320/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 14 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۴


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254321/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 15 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۵


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254483/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 16 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۶


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254484/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 17 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۷


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254485/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 18 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۸


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254486/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 19 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۱۹


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254872/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 20 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۰


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254873/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 21 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۱


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254874/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 22 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۲


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254875/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 23 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۳


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1254876/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 24 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۴


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255312/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 25 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۵


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255313/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 26 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۶


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255314/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 27 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۷


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255315/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 28 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۸


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255450/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 29 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۲۹


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255451/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 30 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۰


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255452/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 31 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۱


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255453/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 32 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۲


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255567/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 33 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۳


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255568/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 34 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۴


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255569/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 35 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۵


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255570/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 36 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۶


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255828/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 37 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۷


[videojs_hls url=”https://d1zolcn6y2dghx.cloudfront.net/v1/master/b03afe1b6bbdbd36b1321a62472fde159aa73015/vod/1234860/1255829/1_1280.m3u8″]


Rozegari Dar Chokora part 38 | سریال روزگاری در چوکورا قسمت ۳۸


[videojs_hls url=””]


The story of the series Once Upon a Time in Chukurova
The story of the series Once Upon a Time in Çokurova begins in Istanbul in the 1970s. In the fertile lands of Kokurova, Adana (a city in southern Turkey), Hilal Altinbilek is a young and beautiful girl living in Istanbul with her older brother Vali (Mustafa Acilan) and niece.

She works as a tailor in a famous area in Istanbul.

She aspires to marry her lover Yilmaz.

Yilmaz (Ugur Gunes) is a hard-working man who works as a car mechanic.

He was raised by his teacher long after his family died long ago.

Yilmaz does not have a rich life, but he can do anything to make his lover Zalila happy.

Zuleykha and Yilmaz want to get married as soon as possible and start a new life together. However, something unexpected happens and they fall victim to fate.

An unexpected event in the life of Zuleykha and Yilmaz

However, he sells his sister to a mafia commander to repay his gambling debt.

That is why Zulaikha falls into the trap of criminals.

Yilmaz, on the other hand, kills the Mafia commander in order to save Zuleykha.

After this incident, Yilmaz had to flee Istanbul to survive. Hence, Yilmaz and Zuleyla make a terrible escape.

It brings the fate of Yilmaz and Zuleikha to Adana (a city in southern Turkey). They look for work while trying to hide their identities.

Yilmaz meets a friend during his military service. This visit takes them to Yaman Farm.

Yilmaz and Zulaikha work on the farm and introduce themselves as siblings so that their identities are not revealed.

Yaman Farm is a famous farm in Adana that has vast and fertile lands.

The owner of these lands is Demir, a young and handsome man who studied in Berlin, Germany.

Demir is a modern and passionate man whose goal is to create a mechanized method in agriculture.

He wants to make his father’s dream of becoming Adana’s most powerful man a reality by developing agriculture.

Demir lives with his mother Hunkar (Vahid Parchin).

He no longer thinks about love after an unsuccessful life together.

However, his life changes dramatically after meeting Zulaikha.

Demir falls in love with Zuleykha. Without knowing that she is in love with another man.

These feelings created in Demir suddenly turn not only the life of these two fugitive lovers but also the life of Yaman Farm.

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